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Our innovative business is built on Excellence, Responsibility and Trust. Since the first foundation stone laid for the company, we have never compromised on the Quality and Commitment.

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Our Story

Faizan Food Industries started its operations in 1996 under the leadership and supervision of Mr. Tayyab Farooq Ahmad, the CEO. With limitless efforts, hard work and vast experience in adding value to agricultural products, the business grew tremendously and now our processing units are working in three major cities of agriculture growing regions of Pakistan. Our innovative business is built on Excellence, Responsibility and Trust. Since the first foundation stone laid for the company, we have never compromised on the Quality and Commitment. We carefully ensured that we are in tuned with customer’s changing needs, with technological advancement. We strive to adopt the latest technologies to sync in our facilities in least possible time. This is the reason that we are named as the most reliable agro-ingredients suppliers, food processors, manufacturers and allied business in Pakistan.

At Present

At Faizan Food Industries , we are committed to serve our customers with Natural, High Quality, Safe, Healthy food ingredients and its custom blends within a sustainable and nature friendly environment. We offer a bespoke service to our clients, which encompass precise Product and Package Specifications, Private Labeling, Just-in-Time deliveries for all types of Wholesale and Consumer requirements. We lead the ingredient supplier industry and offer CONTROLLED Aflatoxin, Heavy Metals, Pesticide and Organic Agro Products in Pakistan. 

We are ISO 22000:2015; ISO / TS 22021; FSSC 22000, HALAL, and ORGANIC certified company. 

Our Expertise

Faizan Food Industries specializes in adding commercial value to Pakistan grown agro-produce and have its collection and processing facilities almost in all growing regions of the Country. In addition to offering fresh quality processed spices and herbs, we develop our in-house proprietary dry blends also available for wholesale to all food and allied businesses. Our clients also include small scale to large scale national and multinational Food and Snack manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of food ingredients and savory blend. We serve as a major source of ingredients and custom blends for restaurants and food manufacturing industries as first stop shop for wholesalers, retailers and online consumers.

Our Vision

Faizan Food Industries is in harmony with Human, Nature & Technology.


We care for Consumer Safety and Well being. We guide farmers including female farm workers to adopt safe, environment friendly, quality assurance farming techniques abiding by international Safety Standards. We discourage child labor and encourage equal opportunity to female workers to improve socio-economic conditions in less privileged areas.


We carefully selected and control raw materials from its growing regions in Pakistan and implement environ-friendly process and strict quality controls to meet our client’s requirements.


We strive to improve and technically upgrade the specialized processing system at the company.

Our Mission

The key focus in on Quality, Competitive Pricing & Customer satisfaction based on trust-to build lasting business relations. Our business approach is SIMPLE! Our system, processes and flexible policies ensure our customers to get the right ingredient-food solutions meeting their expectations. At Faizan Food Industries its is always a continuous effort to raise the bar in today’s highly competitive food industry. We believe that the sky is our limit.

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Meet The Team

Our amazing Leadership Team, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, they’re well positioned to keep best partnership between Faizan Food Industries and our clients …

Tayyab Farooq Ahmad

Tayyab Farooq Ahmad






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